Crowds and Fans for Hire.
Crowds and Fans for Hire
We provide a full range of
confidential and discreet
Crowd, Fan and Paparazzi Services
for "Real" Celebrities, Sports Stars,
Musicians, Bands, Politicians, etc.

Our professional Paparazzi photographers and videographers, crowds and fans are hired by Media, Ad Agencies, Public Relations Firms, Sports and Celebrity Managers, Talent Agents, etc. to provide CONFIDENTIAL Celebrity Video and Photography Coverage for Special Events, Press Conferences, Public Relations Events, Interviews, Book Signings,  Private Celebrity Family Affairs, Film Openings, CD Releases, Concerts, Premiers, Receptions, Fundraisers, Fashion Shows, Sports Events, from NYC to LA...we serve the entire USA.

Our professional photographers and videographers can also provide private and confidential photography and video services for private celebrity functions such as their own private birthday celebrations, family gatherings, holiday gatherings, etc. where the photos and video are delivered directly to the client and not shared or published anywhere else.

Why let the "other Paparazzi or Media" have control over what the media publishes about your celebrity clients or Political Events?

Hire our Professional Paparazzi Photographers, Videographers, Hosts and Reporters, crowds and fans so you get the coverage that you need and want, when you want it!

Get some POSITIVE PR for your clients--or get out the message and information that you want to be made public. 

Hire our professional Paparazzi Photographers, Reporters, and Videographers to capture the moments, events, and photos that your "celebrity clients" want the media to print and the public to see.

We can also provide professional Reporters to interview your celebrities, musicians, sports stars at press conferences, trade shows, film openings, red carpet events, etc.

Please contact us for more information about our private celebrity services and to discuss your specific requirements. 

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