Paparazzi Services
3. Hire Paparazzi for Interview / News Report Video and/or Photos: Our video crew and a NEWS REPORTER arrives to interview guests and/or the main celebrity. The Interview is completely customized to the requirements of your event.  Ideal for Business, Corporate, School, Community or Family events of all kinds: Grand Openings, Retreats, Fundraisers, Golf Tournaments,  Festivals, Graduations, Proms, Weddings,  Birthdays,  Anniversary Parties, Family or School Reunions, Celebrity Events and Press Conferences, etc.  
View a sample Interview Video Clip
An interview segment can last a few minutes or run for the entire event.  We customize our services to meet your needs.

2. Hire the Paparazzi for Photographs and Video Coverage for - Family Events, Corporate & Community Events:  -  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation Parties, Proms, Weddings, Awards Ceremonies, Fundraisers, Reunions, etc. Our Paparazzi Video and Photography Crew arrives and awaits the arrival of your "celebrity" guest(s) at a designated location. (Restaurant, Nightclub, etc.) When your special guest(s) arrive our crew begins taking photos, shooting video and asking pre-arranged questions (just like Paparazzi do of celebrities).  People on the street think your special someone is a celebrity!  (And sometimes we're hired by media companies to film people who are celebrities!)   View a few sample Paparazzi video clips 
Although you may have several photographers show up to surprise your guests or special person, you can also arrange for one or more photographers or videographers to cover the entire event.
Are you Getting

Hire our
Proposal Paparazzi

Are you going to "pop the question" in a restaurant, at a park, or other location?

Hire one of our "Paparazzi crews" to show up at a specific time and place,  just when you're about to pop the question and let us photograph and videotape your special surprise engagement she will never forget! Plus you will have photos and DVD video memories to enjoy!
1.  Hire Paparazzi for Photography Only: Our "paparazzi" photographers show up at any location or event to take photos and ask a few questions of the celebrity (and guests)...  Paparazzi can follow you or your favorite "star" around Town or from one location to another... taking photos and calling out fun Paparazzi questions! (people on the street will think you're famous!)  We can even include fans following you or your favorite "star" and begging for autographs!

All of your fun Paparazzi Photos are delivered on DVD and can also be presented online for guests to view and download. View Photos

Party Idea:

Are you taking her
out on the town
for her last night
as a free woman?

Let the Paparazzi show up at the restaurant or club
that you're going to
and interview and photograph her about her last night of freedom!

A fun surprise and a video and photos to keep forever!

4. Hire Celebrity Look-a-Like Actors for your next party!

Want to make your Red Carpet or Party event truly memorable?  Let a few "famous Stars" circulate among your guests, or stroll down the red carpet with your guests to make them truly feel like they are mixing with the Stars
or they can attend your event, amuse, perform and entertain! 

Our celebrity impersonators will act their parts or can perform for your guests as well from comediennes like Joan Rivers to singers like Elvis Presley!  Talent includes:  Lucille Ball, Joan Rivers, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, John Lennon, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, and many more!

We can help you "stage" your event!  Contact us

Planning Your Wedding
or Birthday

Hire one of our "Paparazzi crews" to show up at your reception hall to
welcome and photograph your guests as they walk the red carpet!

Hire a Videographer and Interviewer to Interview your guests about their thoughts on your special day,
their memories of you and/or your spouse,
their wishes for you
and other fun interview questions as they enter the venue.

Interviewer will ask them any kind of questions you want!

Contact us for some
fun ideas!
5. Hire us for INSTANT-PRINT "Photo Fun" for fun entertainment and photo favors for your guests!
Currently Available in NY, NJ, CT

Give your guests an extra special time with our on-location, instant-photo
favor printing option.  We set up a photo-booth area and one of our photographers and an assistant will be on site to take photos and instantly print them for your guests! Photos printed on location and inserted into attractive photo holder for guests to take home!  Contact us

You can hire our Paparazzi for just a
few minutes or to cover your entire event from start to finish!
We will completely customize your Paparazzi Party Experience!
All packages are fully customized to meet your specific
event needs, ideas and budget.
We have many fun ideas of how you can add "Paparazzi" fun to your next event! Below are just a few ideas...however, we'd like to discuss your event and give you a free no obligation IDEA-CONSULTATION for your event!  No fee, no obligation---just friendly conversation.  Contact Us Now!
Hire our Photographers and Video Paparazzi for:

Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
Awards Ceremonies
Halloween Parties
Film Openings
Business Openings
Grand Openings
Red Carpet Events
Welcome Home
Bon Voyage
New Baby
Press Conferences
Children's Dance
Music Recitals
School Plays