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Serving All Major Cities throughout the USA

Party with the Paparazzi is owned by Hudson Valley Web TV, an independent media outlet and video production company based in New York. We provide paparazzi  services in all major cities throughout the USA - since 2006!

Many imitators have come and gone, but we continue to serve our clients. Some imitators try to use our good name, please don't be fooled. If it doesnt have the www.PartywiththePaparazzi.com or net URL, then it is not affiliated with us!  Also, many sites use fake images that they buy online to make themselves look good. We only use our own images. We don't need to use other people's work to make us look good! Our photographers and videographers are great!

We have a perfect track record since 2006.  We work hard to provide top quality services for our clients, and we also take care in hiring and maintaining excellent relationships with all of our personnel. Many of our photographers and videographers have been with us since we first started! 

We provide a full range of affordable, high quality, professional video, photography, hosting/reporting and "paparazzi" services for individuals, families, businesses, towns, fundraisers, corporations, Independent Media Outlets, Multi media companies, News Organizations, Sports and Entertaintment Media Companies and for Celebrities.  (Celebrity managers should call or email us for a confidential discussion.) 

We take pride in providing high quality paparazzi photography and video services for our clients. Your party or event is unique and our professional event consultants will work with you to make certain you have the paparazzi, photography and video services you need and want to help make your event a success. We do not offer "cookie-cutter" packages, but work with you to create a package that fits your budget and event requirements.

We also provide discreet, completely private and confidential video and photography services for private celebrity events in NY, NJ, and CT such as family gatherings, weddings, birthdays, etc.

We're a professional Multi-media Services and Video Production Company
that provides a full range of  Video and Photography Services.
We also independently film and report on special events when deemed appropriate.

Our affordable Paparazzi Packages can include Video, Photography,  Interviewers, Hosts, News Reporters, and can be customized for any event. 

Please call or email us to find out how we can customize your special event and Paparazzi Package to fit your event and budget requirements.  (Contact Us)

We provide Paparazzi, Video, Photography, News Report, Interview Services
in NYC, NY, NJ, CT, MA, DC, VA, FL, CA, NV, TX, SC, NC, GA, and the entire USA!

Call 845.538.9600
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