5-Star Services We Provide:

  • "15 Minutes of Fame" - Paparazzi Street Hit - View
  • Red Carpet/Guest Welcome Paparazzi - View
  • Full Event Photography - View
  • Full Event Videography - View
  • Celebrity -Look-A-Likes - View
  • Host/ Hostess Reporters to Interview your guests - View
  • Model Portfolio/Portrait Parties - View
  • Surprise Proposal Paparazzi - View
  • Party Instant Print or Polaroid Photo Services - View
  • Day/Night "On the Town" Celeb-style Stalking
    Photography Services
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Party With The Paparazzi!  #1 in the USA since 2006!
The RED CARPET Paparazzi Experience
Great for Formal or Casual events!

Let our fun paparazzi photographers welcome your guests to your Red Carpet event for a Corporate Event, Sweet 16, Family Reunion, Grand Opening, Film Premiere, or any other "Hollywood-Style" event!

Whether your event is a formal event or a casual one, your guests will have fun as our Paparazzi make your guests feel like "the Stars that they are!" taking photos and fun "paparazzi-style call-outs" to your guests!
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"15 Minutes of Fame" - Street Paparazzi Hit
Great fun for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelor/ette etc!

Are you planning to take someone special out to lunch or dinner for a special occasion?  One of the best ways to surprise them is to have one of our fun paparazzi teams waiting for them outside the restaurant or club!  When "the Star" and your group arrive the cameras will be flashing and the paparazzi will be calling "special outs"  to your "Star" to make them look famous! People inside the venue and on the street will wonder who they are--some will even stop to take cell phone photos of the hit!!!
Our paparazzi can take photos of the "Star" and the group, or you can add video to capture the of this fun surprise moment!
We do these in all major cities across the USA!
Event Photography
Our professional photographers can cover your event
from start to finish!
Whether you want the Paparazzi or not, you can hire
one or more of our professional photographers
to cover your event from start to finish!
All of your photos are edited and delivered via an online album that you can share with guests and we can also send you all the files via
online file transfer or as jpegs on a CD.

We provide event photography in all major cities across the USA!
Event Videography

Need your event filmed and edited?

Our professional Videographers will capture all the special moments an fun as they film your event from start to finish and then our Editors will edit the film into an exciting and memorable video on DVD or sent to you as a digital file.
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Fun Party and Event Video Interviews
Hire one of our professional event host/hostess reporters
  to interview anyone about anything!
We can interview a couple on their Wedding or Anniversary,
a Birthday person on their special day, guests at a Wedding, 
Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Reunion, Award recipients, 
Grand Openings, etc. We film it and deliver the file to you on DVD
or digital file via online transfer.
We work with you to prepare the questions for the Interview segment .

Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Our fabulous celebrity-look-a-likes can add some extra "star-power" to any event!  Our celebrities can welcome your guests to your party...can go inside and smooze and take photos with guests or they can even interview guests as they arrive to the step and repeat back drop!  Our celebrities are very popular!  Please allow 6-8 weeks to book a celebrity for your special event! Celebs include Joan Rivers, Howard Stern, Marilyn Monroe, Rianna,
Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and many other popular celebs! 

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Click on small arrow below to view this shortened clip from a street hit!
Click on small arrow below to view this video
Howard Stern Look- A- Like Interviewing Guests
Portraits & Model Birthday Parties
A Truly UNIQUE Party Idea!
Ask about our Portrait or Model Portfolio Party services!
If you are having a Sweet 16, Bachelorette, Shower, Reunion,
Anniversary, Corporate, Community, Family or other event, our photographers can set up a mobile studio in a restaurant, office or almost any indoor location and take beautiful portraits of your guests!
Example: Sweet 16 Party Portraits, and a retail store offered customers
to come in on Mother's Day for Free Mother's Day Portraits! 

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Secret  Proposal Engagement Paparazzi
Many beautiful photos taken!
Video also available!
Your Paparazzo will Photograph and/or Film an Engagement Proposal from a distance with a Telephoto Lens.
Then after she accepts,  your Paparazzo approaches
you for beautiful portraits!
Photo & Video with telephoto available
This can be done in a park, at an outdoor cafe, etc.
Call us for more info!
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Ask about our "Vintage 1940's - Style
Paparazzi Services!

Going out for a Day or Night on the Town?
We've got you covered!
Need Dance Motivators or Scene Starters
We've got you covered!

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Are you Getting

Hire our
Proposal Paparazzi

Are you going to "pop the question" in a restaurant, at a park, or other location?

Hire one of our "Paparazzi crews" to show up at a specific time and place,  just when you're about to pop the question and let us photograph and videotape your special surprise engagement she will never forget! Plus you will have photos and DVD video memories to enjoy!
Bachelor or
Party Idea:

Are you taking him orher
out on the town
for his or her last night
as a free man or woman?

Let the Paparazzi show up at the restaurant or club
that you're going to
and interview and photograph her about her last night of freedom!

A fun surprise and a video and photos to keep forever!

Instant Photo Prints, Photobooths
& Polaroid Paparazzi!

If you want guests to go home with their photos taken at the party, we can arrange to have photos printed at the location so when guests leave they can take their photos with them. We also provide 'INSTANT POLAROID PHOTOS' for events!
Guests get their photos INSTANTLY!
Actor/Actress "Scene Starters!"

Want to create a funny "scene" at your party or event?
Our actor and actress "scene starters" can liven up any party!
Our actors and actresses can dress up as cops to
"arrest" party goers or "frisk/pat down"
them as they enter... or they can "arrest" other performers or guests!
Our actors can play a variety or roles mingling with guests...flirting...getting them to dance...match-making...and creating any type of "scene" that will make your party fun and memorable!
They get guests talking, laughing, dancing...having fun!
We have TONS of FUN IDEAS for any Party or Event!
Tell us your party theme and we will work with you to
create, script, and direct the scene!
Party With The Paparazzi provides Paparazzi for Rent and Full Event Photography and Video Coverage for Red Carpet Events, Corporate Events, Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Engagements, Proms, Graduations, Anniversaries, etc. We Serve all Major Cities throughout the USA including: New York, New Jersey, California, Washington DC, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Virgina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, etc.
Our fun paparazzi photographers can turn your party or event into a fun Hollywood Style Extravaganza!

Whether you're planning a surprise night on the Town and the paparazzi wait for your guest outside a restaurant or club...or if you're planning a Red Carpet welcome for your guests to a Corporate, Birthday, Anniversary or other event...you've come to the right place!  Photos, video, flashes going off and fun! 

We also provide actors, actresses, models and dancers who can act as "Scene Starters and Dance Motivators" to "break the ice" and help get the party started!  Our actors and and performers can help create any kind of "scene" you want! We can help you plan and script your scene!

Ask about our
"Party Starters!"
"We'll get your party started!"
Want to "break the ice" and get your guests mingling, laughing and having fun?
Let us create a funny "scene" at your party or event!
Our talented actor and actress "party-starters"
can liven up any party!
Our actors can play a variety or roles mingling with guests...flirting...getting them to dance...
match-making...and creating any type of "scene"
that will make your party fun and memorable!
They get guests talking, laughing, dancing...
having fun!
We have TONS of FUN IDEAS for
any Party or Event!
Tell us your party theme and
we will work with you to
create, script, and direct the scene!
Let's Get the Party Started!
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Alicia booked a "15 Minutes of Fame" Paparazzi Hit with us for her parents' Anniversary
when they arrived in a limo to the 21 Club Restaurant in NYC---
Here's what she told us happened inside the restaurant!
"When my parents walked in to the restaurant it was just amazing. People were talking to my parents, others smiled and stared! LOL The maitre 'd gave them complimentary champagne - a few patrons came to my parent's table because the "news" of their anniversary and how they "arrived" was spread though the place! They were also given complimentary desserts with candle and toast!!!
A woman approached my mother in the bathroom and said, "I have to tell you -- what an amazing thing - you had to see it...the place went dead quiet when your car pulled up -- all the cameras, it was pandemonium! People left their tables and plates and walked to the window to see you arrive! What an amazing night for you!!" LOL
The limo driver called my sister personally just to tell her, "OH MY GOD. You had to be there.
My Dad told me last night, "I will never EVER forget that feeling. The most unbelievable 40th anniversary...such a surprise."  - Alicia, NYC

Paparazzi Follow Around - Stalking!
The paparazzi follow and stalk celebrities all the time...why not you?
Get a taste of how it feels to be stalked and hounded by the paparazzi!
Ask about our
"Paparazzi Celeb Stalking Service!"